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Certain Stars announces the arrival of The Great Destroyer- their second full-length CD (and third CD, overall.)  This 11-song CD, on Cuba Libre Records, clocks in just under 38 minutes. Certain Stars has hit its rock 'n' roll stride on The Great Destroyer, and fans of Power Pop, Garage Rock, and straight up Rock 'n' Roll should love The Great Destroyer.

Artist: Certain Stars
Album title: The Great Destroyer
11-song full-length CD and MP3 release, April, 2012
Cuba Libre Records (cl-003)
All songs copyright, Certain Stars, 2012

Wired for Sound EP (2008)

Times Like These Call for Tambourines (2004)

Praise and Reviews for "the Great Destroyer" vinyl single and full length CD

What they're saying about 2011's 7" vinyl single pre-release of the song "The Great Destroyer" b/w "Too Drunk to Dream" (Magnetic Fields):

The Shepherd Express says: "The Great Destroyer soaks in piss-and-vinegar vengeance as it manages a Big Star reference and a couple of sparkly hooks that would do Pavement proud . The Magnetic Fields remake on the B-side finds Certain Stars approximating the fun rage of Cracker, and that's not a bad thing."

Here's what the RM- the Songcast.

The Big Takeover, issue #62, spring 2008
Certain Stars
Wired For Sound EP
(Cuba Libre)

"I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Certain Stars are the first band in line to swipe their moniker from a Superchunk song. Will wonders ever cease, my friends? Playing straight down the middle indie-rawk, the title track finds the Stars at their most fervent if not particularly engrossing. No major complaints, but something tells me these Wisconsin hopefuls have the potential to open up that proverbial can of kick-ass in order for their tunes to really stick to wall. Until then, keep your fingers crossed."(cubalibrerecords.com)

Praise and Reviews for "Times Like These Call for Tambourines"

"...definitely deserves some attention."

"miles ahead of most Wisconsin Indie bands, and leaves the listener looking forward to the next Certain Stars record."
~Maximum Ink

"There's something to be said for bands that can squeeze various forms of power pop, lo-fi rock and even Nick Drake folk into a single album."

"...a subtle treasure."
~Splendid Magazine